A Cabot Homecoming

Hello Cabot! My name is Dr. Alex Sharp, and I am a dentist, as well as a Cabot native. My wife, Lizzy, and I are both 2007 graduates of Cabot High School, as well as 2011 graduates of UCA. After working around various parts of central Arkansas for the past several years, we are overjoyed to finally have the opportunity to serve our hometown! Last November, my longtime friend and mentor, Dr. Brad Burleson, chose to answer God’s call to serve in the mission field. The day that he and his family made that decision, he called me to ask if I could take over his practice, and continue his family’s longstanding legacy of providing excellent dental care. Having been a longtime patient of Dr. Burleson’s, I knew how well our philosophies aligned and that the practice would be a perfect fit! I could not be more excited to continue my practice’s legacy of gentle, personalized patient care, while, at the same time, emphasizing the connection between oral health and whole body wellness. In addition, I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be contributing my monthly column, Tooth Talk. Each month, we will address a different topic, oftentimes answering a common dental question I receive at my practice, including:
  • What are my options to rejuvenate my smile?
  • What are dental implants?
  • Am I too old for braces?

Also, we’ll tackle health-related questions and issues, such as:

  • How is it that as our lives get easier with modern conveniences, our health as a society declines?
  • How might we take control of our health, while at the same time managing to fulfill our myriad of personal and professional obligations?
I view dentistry, both literally and metaphorically, as the gateway to whole-body health. As the health of the mouth goes, so too goes the health of the rest of the body. It’s no secret that dental problems and disease can be a predictor of, or even a causative factor for, systemic disease. My goal is — by promoting awareness of dental health — to enable a greater understanding of the link between healthy mouths and healthy bodies. Thank you for joining me on the first step of the journey to a healthier Cabot!

God Bless, and Happy Spring!

Dr. Alex Sharp

Sharp Dentistry

Sharp Dentistry