Interview With DR. Sharp

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Memphis, but I grew up in Cabot starting in kindergarten.

How long have you lived in the area?

I’ve lived in Cabot for the better part of 30 years off and on!  It’s definitely home for us!

Tell us about your family.  

My wife, Lizzy, and I are both alumni of Cabot High School.  We got married while I was in dental school.  Our son, Adam, was born in 2014!

Tell us about the events that led up to where you are now (i.e. education, career path).

Lizzy and I both graduated from UCA after high school.  We then moved to Memphis, where I attended dental school.  Once I finished, we moved back to Cabot so I could work at various offices in central Arkansas.

What is your business and how/why did you start your business?

I own and operate Sharp Family Dentistry (formerly Burleson Family Dentistry).  I took over the office in January 2018, and it was the best professional decision I’ve ever made.  I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

What is unique about your business (what sets you apart from the rest)?

Our biggest purpose as a dental office is to give “Raving Fan” service to every person we come in contact with.  We strive to shift the negative connotation attached to visiting the dentist. Going to the dentist isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, and we know that!  We respond by exceeding our patients’ expectations in every way we possibly can.  Also, as a Cabot native, it is incredibly rewarding to be able to serve my community in ways I never thought possible.  The best part of my day is when I see the lightbulb go off for a patient who used to be scared of visiting the dentist and who, now, because of our office, no longer dreads his/her dental visits!

Given your business expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice (whether general or specific) can you offer to the residents? 

In terms of dentistry, I urge everyone to remain current with your dental wellness visits!  Whether you come to our office or another office in town, please don’t neglect your teeth.  Something I say every day is, “Prevention is cheap, but neglect is expensive!” 

In terms of general business advice, there is no time like the present!  If you’ve got the entrepreneurial itch, then scratch it!  As the immortal Jim Collins says in his classic business text Good to Great, true business success lies at the intersection of what you LOVE to do and what you can be THE BEST at.  Find that passion and dive in head first!

What else we should know about you, your family, or your business?

Sharp Family Dentistry is a full-service dental office that specializes in honest, personalized, and authentic dental care, offering a wide array of services, ranging from routine preventative wellness visits to orthodontics and dental implants.My family and I love living in Arkansas and enjoying all that the Natural State has to offer in terms of camping, boating, and hiking.  We are passionate about supporting local businesses, especially local farmers, and encouraging sustainable, organically-sourced farming practices.

Business contact information (phone, address, website, email, etc.):

Sharp Family Dentistry, 3284 Highway 367 S, Cabot, AR 72023

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Sharp Dentistry

Sharp Dentistry