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Meet Dr. Alex Sharp and see how Sharp Family Dentistry is leading the way in providing all ages with that perfect smile! We love Cabot and continue to love helping Cabot with great smiles!

We are different. Our people and office culture are centered around you and your experience.

What’s the BIG thing that sets us apart?

Check out Dr. Sharp’s latest deep thought.

The hardest fought goals often bring us the greatest reward. Check out Dr. Sharp’s latest deep thought.

Some thoughts come and go but the deep thoughts have a lasting effect. Enjoy Dr. Sharp’s deep thought of the day.

Just another day at the office! Keeping the world full of smiles!


Why we are different? Our main passion is being part of our patient’s life and building long relationships. The funnest part for us is seeing our patients year after year and being involved with their lives. We are a community office and always will be!

In January, we told you about what makes Sharp Family Dentistry different! And now, here is our 2nd factor that we feel makes us stand apart.

Our team! A team that learns together, has fun together and serves its patients better. So investment in our team is a core focus of ours as well as in our community.

Don’t have dental insurance? Don’t feel left out. Sharp Family Dentistry has your back with our VIP Membership Plans! One of our passions is helping to give back to our community. With Sharp Family, VIP Membership Plans get the care you need now and not wait for a costly emergency.

When problems occur Sharp Family Dentistry will be there to help!

One of our favorite things we do here at Sharp Family Dentistry in Cabot is the focus we have on protecting your teeth with preventative care.

As Technology Changes so does the quality of care you receive. Dr. Alex Talks about his implementation of 3D imaging and printing at his practice.

We are so proud of the office renovations we completed over Labor Day weekend of this year!! Check them out or swing by and let us show them to you first hand.

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